Brazil is a country in South America. Its natural wonders, cultural attractions, adventure to relaxation, and history to modernity are unmatched.

It is a place that will surprise you, delight you, and make you fall in love. I promise you. It is a perfect place for a family vacation.


But with such a huge and diverse country, how do you choose where to go? There are so many places to visit in Brazil that it can take time to narrow down your options.

That’s why we have compiled a list of the 10 best places to visit in Brazil with family, based on our experience and research.

10 Best Places to Visit in Brazil With Family

So, if you are planning a family trip to Brazil, here are some of the destinations that you should not miss:

1. Rio de Janeiro

Number one on our list of best places to visit in Brazil with family is Rio!

Rio de Janeiro is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places in the world, nestled between lush rainforests and the Atlantic Ocean.

Imagine standing in one of the world’s most iconic cities: Rio de Janeiro. Picture yourself surrounded by a tapestry of nature – the undulating mountains, lush forests, and pristine beaches coexisting with urban wonders.

Best Places to Visit in Brazil With Family

Here, you’re not just a spectator but part of a city pulsating with music, culture, and the undying spirit of samba and football.

Some of its main attractions include:

  • Christ the Redeemer: Feel the grandeur as you stand beneath this magnificent statue of Jesus Christ atop Corcovado Mountain, taking in sweeping views of the city and bay. Whether you hike, drive, or take the train, reaching this wonder is an experience.
  • Sugarloaf Mountain: Ascend this granite marvel, either by cable car or, if you’re adventurous, by climbing. The summit offers you breathtaking panoramas of the city and the vast ocean.
  • Copacabana and Ipanema Beaches: Feel the sand between your toes and bask in the sun’s embrace. These renowned beaches, lined with buzzing bars, eateries, shops, and entertainment, invite you to relax and revel.
  • Tijuca National Park: Dive into the world’s largest urban forest. With its myriad flora, fauna, waterfalls, and caverns, every turn is a discovery. Choose to drive, cycle, or trek – each path holds its magic.

And if you’re in Rio during Carnival, brace yourself for an explosion of color, music, and dance. Be part of street fiestas, be awed by the grandeur of parades at the Sambadrome, and lose yourself to the enchanting rhythms of axé, samba, and more.


In Rio, every moment spent with your family promises memories of unparalleled joy, culture, and natural beauty. Your unforgettable Brazilian adventure awaits.

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2. Iguazu Falls

Best Places to Visit in Brazil With Family

Iguazu Falls is a waterfall nestled between Brazil and Argentina, and it’s a sight that commands awe. Surrounded by vibrant rainforests alive with the hum of wildlife, every viewpoint presents a unique spectacle.

During your visit, here’s what you can anticipate:

  • Devil’s Throat: Prepare to be awed by Iguazu’s crown jewel. This immense horseshoe cascade tumbles down 80 meters and the roar can be felt even before you see it. Walk the metal bridge that stretches across the river, and let the sheer power of nature engulf you.
  • Helicopter Ride: Elevate your experience – literally. Soar above the falls, capturing the magnitude of this wonder. The panoramic view is a testament to nature’s artistry as you hover.
  • Boat Ride: Feel the adrenaline as you navigate close to the waterfalls. Speedboats whisk you beneath smaller cascades, guaranteeing a refreshing splash. So, brace for a fun drench!

You must visit attractions like the colossal Itaipu Dam or the tri-border monument, Marco das Três Fronteiras. Dive into history with the Jesuit missions, immerse in the Guaraní culture, and appreciate the preservation efforts at the UNESCO-listed Iguaçu National Park.

3. Amazon

The Amazon Rainforest is the world’s largest, spread over nine countries. It’s home to more than 10% of the planet’s species, making it a must-visit for families and nature lovers.

What to do in the Amazon:

  • River Cruise: Explore the Amazon River. Choose from different boats and see animals like dolphins, caimans, and turtles.
  • Jungle Lodge: Stay in a lodge right in the rainforest. Experience the jungle’s sounds and sights day and night.
  • Canopy Walk: Walk on bridges high above the ground. See birds, monkeys, and other animals that live in the treetops.
  • Visit Indigenous Tribes: Learn about the culture and traditions of the Amazon’s people.

4. Salvador

Salvador, the capital of Bahia in northeastern Brazil, has a rich history with strong African roots due to its past as a major slave port.

Best Places to Visit in Brazil With Family

Places to Visit:

  • Pelourinho: Salvador’s UNESCO-recognized historic center. Wander its streets to see colonial architecture and colorful buildings.
  • Carnival: A must-see six-day festival full of music, dance, and parades.
  • Beaches: Choose from a vast coastline, with popular spots like Porto da Barra or quieter ones like Stella Maris.


  • Taste Salvador’s unique dishes like acarajé (fried bean cakes with shrimp) or moqueca (a coconut milk fish stew).

For a cultural experience, consider the Afro-Brazilian Museum or the Museum of Modern Art. Salvador is perfect for a family trip with history, music, and beachside relaxation.

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5. Fernando de Noronha

Fernando de Noronha is a group of 21 islands near Brazil. It’s known for its clean beaches and many sea animals like dolphins and turtles.

Things to Do:

  • Dive and Snorkel: See fish and corals in places like Sueste Bay.
  • Visit Beaches: Check out Baía do Sancho and Praia do Leão.
  • Boat Rides: Look at islands and see dolphins.
  • Hike: Walk on paths for good views.

You can also learn about turtles at Projeto Tamar and see old shark items at Museu do Tubarão. It’s a good spot for families who like nature and the beach.

6. São Paulo

From the Sao Paulo Aquarium to interactive museums, São Paulo is more than just skyscrapers. Although a bustling metropolis, it offers myriad family-friendly attractions, ensuring that your travel plans are packed with excitement.

Key Activities:

  • Museums: Dive deep into Brazilian and international art at the São Paulo Museum of Art (MASP), view local art from the 19th and 20th centuries at Pinacoteca, or explore modern works at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MAC).
  • Parks: Take a break at Ibirapuera Park, the city’s most popular green space with lakes, gardens, and cultural spots. Alternatively, visit the lush Trianon Park or the event-friendly Villa-Lobos Park.
  • Markets: Taste São Paulo’s culinary delights. Stop by the historic Municipal Market for fresh produce or explore Asian goods at the Liberdade Market. Vila Madalena Market is great for organic products and unique crafts.
  • Nightlife: Experience São Paulo after dark. Vila Madalena has trendy bars, while Paulista Avenue boasts theaters and clubs. Rua Augusta is known for its diverse entertainment options.

Visiting São Paulo offers a rich blend of urban excitement and cultural immersion.

7. Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park

Chapada dos Veadeiros, in Brazil’s Goiás state, is a UNESCO-listed park known for its biodiversity and unique landscapes like waterfalls and canyons.

Best Places to Visit in Brazil With Family

Key Attractions:

  • Hiking: Trails lead to places like Vale da Lua with moon-like rocks and Cachoeira dos Cristais with clear waters.
  • Camping: Stay within nature by camping or opt for eco-lodges that offer more comfort.
  • Rafting: Enjoy the park’s rivers, encountering rapids and spotting wildlife.
  • Thermal Baths: Near the park are thermal baths such as Águas Termais, perfect for relaxation.
  • Museums & Projects: Learn about the area’s history and wildlife at the Museu de História Natural or participate in conservation projects like Projeto Arara Canindé.

For those who love outdoor activities, these national parks are must-visits. With waterfalls, trails, and panoramic views, it’s the best thing for nature-loving families.

8. Porto de Galinhas

Visit Porto de Galinhas with your family for fun and learning. Check out Projeto Hippocampus to see seahorses, Museu das Tartarugas for turtle displays, and Engenho Massangana, an old sugar cane plantation. 

Porto de Galinhas is a favorite beach spot in Pernambuco, Brazil, known for its history and natural beauty.

Top Activities:

  • Natural Pools: Formed by coral reefs during low tide, these pools offer snorkeling opportunities to see vibrant marine life.
  • Beaches: With a long coastline, choose from bustling beaches like Porto de Galinhas Beach or quiet ones like Maracaípe Beach.
  • Buggy Ride: Explore the beach and nearby areas on a buggy, a fun way to see mangroves, villages, and more.
  • Shopping: Buy local products like coconut candy or shop for clothes and souvenirs from various stalls and shops.

Discover the history behind its name, local legends like the mermaid Iara, and taste unique foods like the tapioca crepe. It’s a top spot in Brazil for beaches, nature, and culture.

Porto de Galinhas combines beach fun with history, shopping, and nature, making it a must-visit.

9. Ouro Preto

Located in Minas Gerais, is a historical gem that dates back to Brazil’s 18th-century gold rush. Recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the city beautifully maintains its colonial architecture from the Baroque period. 

The city’s rich history can be experienced through over 20 churches, like the São Francisco de Assis, crafted by Aleijadinho, and the gold-decorated Nossa Senhora do Pilar. 

Here’s a glimpse into what you can experience:

  1. Tiradentes Square: The heart of the city is anchored by a statue of Tiradentes, the iconic hero of the Inconfidência Mineira rebellion. As you stand here, you’re not just in a bustling public space but on the grounds that have witnessed many historical milestones.
  2. Casa dos Contos: Dive into a place of contrasts. This building once echoed with the clinks of minted coins and the somber atmosphere of a colonial prison. It’s a vivid snapshot of Brazil’s multifaceted history, providing insight into past economic and political landscapes.
  3. Chafariz dos Contos Fountain: Step into a world where art meets myth. Built-in 1745, this fountain, adorned with sculptures of legendary creatures, offers a visual treat. It’s a spot where history intertwines with folklore, sparking curiosity in kids and adults.

Beyond these landmarks, Ouro Preto opens up a world of stories, culture, and traditions. 

As you stroll its streets, engage with locals, or visit its museums, you’ll unravel tales from Brazil’s colonial times, enriching your family’s understanding of the region’s rich past.

10. Ilha Grande

Ilha Grande is a family paradise in Brazil, boasting attractions like the Projeto Tamar sea turtle center, the Museu do Cárcere showcasing the island’s prison history, and the biodiversity-rich Parque Estadual da Ilha Grande; it’s a perfect blend of nature, beach, and village life.

Best Places to Visit in Brazil With Family

Things to Do:

  • Beach Time: Ilha Grande boasts over 100 beaches, including the renowned Lopes Mendes, perfect for relaxation and sunbathing.
  • Boat Adventures: Explore the island’s beauty through boat tours, visiting clear blue lagoons and nearby captivating islands like Ilha de Jorge Grego.
  • Hike Around: Discover breathtaking views at Pico do Papagaio or explore historical sites like the 19th-century Aqueduto.
  • Experience Village Life: Immerse yourself in local culture at villages like Abraão, the island’s heart, with its mix of shops, eateries, and authentic vibes.

Ilha Grande offers a perfect blend of relaxation, adventure, and a deep dive into Brazil’s island culture.

Wrapping Up

Brazil beckons with its diverse landscapes, vibrant cultures, and the warmth of its people. It’s a country that celebrates life in all its forms, making it an excellent destination for family trips. By visiting these places, you not only introduce your kids to the world’s wonders but also create lifelong memories.

So, Brazil, with its breathtaking vistas and exciting activities, eagerly awaits. Which of these spots will you pick for your next family escapade? Whatever your choice, remember to dance to the rhythm of Brazil, cherish its flavors, and embrace its abundant love.

 After exploring the 10 best places to visit in Brazil with family, one thing is clear: Brazil is a diverse and captivating destination waiting to be discovered.


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