Are you thinking about going to school in Manitoba, Canada? Great idea! Manitoba has beautiful nature and many different cultures. It also has really good universities. You can study art, science, engineering, or business at the best universities in Manitoba.

Manitoba’s universities are amazing! They’re known all over the world for being some of the best in Canada and beyond. You’ll get a great education that will help you stand out when you’re looking for a job.


Plus, you’ll learn skills that will help you succeed in your career and life. Manitoba has lots of great schools and programs to choose from. The teachers really care about helping you do your best.

They’re experts in their fields and will support you every step of the way.

Are you ready to learn more about these schools? Let’s go!

The 5 Best Universities in Manitoba, Canada

There are the best universities in Manitoba based on our research. These are the University of Manitoba, the University of Winnipeg, Brandon University, Canadian Mennonite University, and Université de Saint-Boniface.

Each school is special and has its own good things for students.

University of Manitoba: The Home of Innovators

Best Universities in Manitoba, Canada
The University of Manitoba

The University of Manitoba, being the oldest university in Western Canada, has a long history of fostering innovation. It’s also the largest, both in terms of campus size and student population.

The U of M is one of the best universities in Manitoba that offers a diverse range of academic pursuits with over 100 degree programs. Some notable courses include:

  • Advanced Medical Sciences
  • Architecture
  • Agricultural and Food Sciences
  • Master of Finance
  • M.A. in Economics
  • MSc in Surgery
  • Master in Education
  • M.Sc. Chemistry
  • M.Sc in Civil Engineering
  • M.Sc. Biomedical Engineering
  • M.E/M.Tech in Electrical and Computer Engineering

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University of Winnipeg

Best Universities in Manitoba, Canada
The University of Winnipeg

The University of Winnipeg is a downtown-based institution known for its close-knit community and commitment to academic excellence.

It offers degrees in science, arts, business & economics, kinesiology, education, and graduate studies. The university also delivers professional, applied continuing education and English language programs.


The average tuition fees for international students at the University of Winnipeg are:

  • Arts: $1,470- $14,700
  • Business: $1,860- $18,600
  • Education: $1,500- $15,000
  • Kinesiology: $1,560- $15,600
  • Science: $1,770- $17,700

The University of Winnipeg excels in areas like Criminal JusticeHuman Rights, and Indigenous Studies, with several four-year bachelor’s degrees in various disciplines.

For information about their tuition fees per program, please visit Tuition Portal.

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Brandon University

Brandon University

Brandon University, located in the city of Brandon, provides a personalised educational experience with a student-to-faculty ratio that’s truly impressive.

This university is especially renowned for its Music and Education programs. Additionally, it offers courses in ScienceArtsHealth Studies, and more.

For domestic students at Brandon University, the bachelor’s tuition fee ranges from 4,020 CAD to 4,447 CAD per year, while for international students, it ranges from 14,874 CAD to 16,455 CAD per year. 

For information about their tuition fees, please visit Tuition – Future Students.

Canadian Mennonite University

Best Universities in Manitoba, Canada
Canadian Mennonite University

The Canadian Mennonite University (CMU) is a school in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and it’s tied to the Mennonite Church of Canada and the Mennonite Brethren Church of Manitoba. 

What makes CMU special is how they mix great learning with beliefs from their faith, which makes the learning experience slightly different.

CMU has about 1,607 students, offering classes in arts, music, sciences, and business. Also, they do things differently because they’re an Anabaptist Christian school.

Here are some courses you can take at CMU:

  • Literature and art (Humanities)
  • Society and people (Social Sciences)
  • Peace and Conflict Transformation Studies

CMU likes focusing on literature and art, and society and people. They also offer special classes like peace and dealing with fights or problems.

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L’Université de Saint-Boniface

L’Université de Saint-Boniface

L’Université de Saint-Boniface (USB) is the oldest post-secondary institution in Western Canada and is the French-language university in Manitoba. 

It is located in the Francophone quarter, in the heart of Winnipeg, and houses both a university and two colleges, including the École technique et professionnelle (ETP) and the École des sciences infirmières et des études de la santé (ESIES)

It is accessible to anyone capable of pursuing post-secondary studies in French.

As the only French-language university in Manitoba, Université de Saint-Boniface offers students a chance to learn in a multicultural environment.

It provides several degree programs in fields like Translation, Science, Business Administration, and Nursing.


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