Carp fishing in Yorkshire is an adventure unlike any other. The lakes here are teeming with activity, and it’s not just about catching fish. It’s about the whole experience.

Carp fishing is incredibly unique in Yorkshire, given that these fish are labeled invasive species in some parts of the world. This means that in those places, carp are viewed as pests that disrupt local ecosystems. But in Yorkshire, they’re celebrated and sought after by anglers like us.


A carp is an oily freshwater fish from species of the family CyprinidaeIt is a massive group of fish well known in Europe and Asia and consumed in some parts of the world.

Adventure life may come in various forms or appeal to individuals in different dimensions. Exploring life’s beauty and making the best of fun from nature may occur to one as the most profound way of enjoying the ecstatic gift of nature. At the same time, it appears inconsequential and less attractive to others.

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There are tons of games, fun, and ways to take advantage of our immediate environment either for mere enjoyment or purposely to quench our thirst for long-time expectations or to shut our hunger pangs of image we fantasize for the pleasure of just owning the record in our existence.

Unarguably, fishing is a list topper considering its recreational nature, including that it is also a means of livelihood and part of human culture since time immemorial. 

It is one of the few food production activities that have lasted from the moment of human existence. According to the United Nations Food And Agriculture, the total number of commercial fishers and fish farmers is estimated to be 38 million.

Carp fishing is the most popular style in Yorkshire, given its copious number of over 250 Carp fishing lakes spread across the region. Yorkshire is the largest by area size in the United Kingdom

The bid to locate the best Carp fishing lake may be strenuous For those who are enthusiasts, avid carp anglers, and enjoy so much fishing activity.

Best Carp Fishing Lakes in Yorkshire

Here are the best five carp fishing lakes in Yorkshire, so search no further.

Pool Bridge Farm

carp fishing lakes in yorkshire


Pool Bridge Farm is a 10-acre gravel pit. The lake has depths down to 22ft and bars, gullies, and weed beds. The lake has two central bodies of water and a wide channel linking the two; the Back Bay is slightly shallower. 

The fish were stocked over the winter of 2010/11 and fed 2 tonnes of Carp pellets yearly. Many Fully Scaled, Zip Linear, Double Linear, Leathers, and some cracking Commons have been stocked, making for a different scale pattern on every capture.

The lake holds over 500 fish, 300 x 20lb+ fish, 40 x 30lb+ carp, and five over the magical 40lb mark. With Kamara at 46.8lb, begin the lake record. 

A track has been made around the lake to allow anglers to park behind their chosen swim; only pegs 7 and 8 require a short walk from the car park.

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Many trees, including WillowsAlderOaks, and Birch, have been planted around the lake to bring the old pit to life. We have erected an ‘Otter fence’ at a significant cost to keep these predators at bay. 

The small lake is 2.5 acres and is stocked with over 700 carp. It is definitely in the runs water category with multiple hits possible, 24-hour minimum booking, and sessions run from 12-12

Hayfield Fishing

Hayfield offers appealing and pleasing moments when dangling your rod in the water, followed by a cozy meal in a pub – Hayfield Lakes is a place to get a more fulfilling Carping Fishing experience. It has three lakes filled with fish and a bar and restaurant on hand for refreshment. 

The serene atmosphere that gives you a welcoming and friendly reception while walking around is another way to get the best of your moment.

Hayfield is parallel to the River Torne, perfect for riverside relaxing and nature fanatics – who will spot wildlife as they cycle or stroll past. And it’s the best of both worlds, with buzzing Doncaster also very close. 

Roomy grass pitches offer spots for both tourers and tents with optional electricity (on a first-come, first-served basis) and convenient lake access. Families, rallies, and dogs on leads are all welcome. Open all year

Park Address: Hayfield Lakes, Hayfield Lane, Auckley, Doncaster, South Yorkshire, DN9 3NP

Birkwood Fisheries

carp fishing lakes in yorkshire

Birkwood Fisheries was established in 1996; situated near the historic city of York, Birkwood Fisheries offers multiple well-stocked lakes with Carp that will test your angling skills. With various species and sizes available, this fishery provides a diverse and rewarding fishing experience. 

Birkwood was originally a single lake run by dick and Sandra before advancing into the complex of five lakes and canal fishing it is today. Birkwood promises to offer anglers a great fishing experience with its safe, tidy, clean, and welcoming environment.

The complex has five lakes: Main LakeFrog Hall LakeMolly’s LakeOscar’s Lake, and Emily’s Lake. The total number of fishing stations is now more than 100. Individual Carp in the Main Lake and Frog Hall are getting up to almost 30 lbs in size, and in Emily’s, Oscar’s, and Molly’s Lakes, the giant Carp are now in the region of 20 lbs. 

It also has many other fish species in the lakes, including Roach, Rudd, Tench, Perch, and Bream.

Whenever you visit Birkwood, you are assured of a warm welcome and a fantastic fishing experience. Fishing platforms are well-spaced, and cars can be parked behind pegs at most times of the year. 

Alternatively, plenty of car parking is within a few yards of each lake. Toilets are available across the lake site.

Park Address: Birkwood Farm Fisheries, Altofts, Normanton, Wakefield, West Yorkshire, WF6 2JE.


An award-winning picturesque coarse fishery set in 45 acres of landscaped North Yorkshire Countryside. Woodland is one of the most significant commercial fisheries in the UK and has 13 very well-stocked lakes containing – all varieties of Carp, tench, bream, roach, rudd, perch, barbel, and golden orfe. 

Woodland welcomes dogs, provided that they will be kept on lead. Woodland is open from 7 a.m. to dusk.

The Oaks Lakes Fishing Complex

carp fishing lakes in yorkshire

The Oaks Lakes in North Yorkshire are home to recreational and pleasure fishing lakes. The lakes opened in 1994, starting with Willows Lake, and it has steadily grown.

It currently houses ten lakes with over 400 pegs, a large cafe, and a tackle shop, and in a quiet corner of the lakes, we have a 25-pitch caravan and camping park.

The Oaks Lakes is one of the UK’s leading fishing Complexes, situated at the North End of Sessay village. There are good link roads from the A1 to the A19 via A168(To Thirsk) or A64(To York). 

The Oaks Lakes is between Dalton and Sessay, just off junction 49 of the A1M.


You and I can have an excellent time carp fishing in Yorkshire. Whether you’re just starting or an expert, Yorkshire has plenty of lakes to choose from.

For example, Pool Bridge Farm has more than 500 unique fish, and Hayfield is ideal if you want to chill and grab a bite to eat afterward. 

Birkwood Fisheries is known for its history and variety, while Woodland has 13 stocked lakes for us to explore. And remember The Oaks Lakes Fishing Complex. Since it opened in 1994, it’s grown a lot, showing how much people love carp fishing here.

Trust me, top carp fishing lakes in Yorkshire promise a rewarding experience you’ll love.

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