Immigration to Australia may seem confusing at first, and the entire system is indeed very complicated. The new government system for selecting skilled migrants, called SkillSelect, has just entered into force and has some problems that the Department of Immigration and Citizenship is trying to address.

The most important thing to do first is to register your details online with EOI or “expression of interest”. You need to do this before you can apply for any type of skilled immigrant visa. The government or employer will contact you if your details match what they’re looking for and you can then complete the visa application.


One advantage is that it doesn’t cost you anything in advance to complete the EOI. If you hear about an employer or government, this means that as long as everything you said about yourself is right and you have the documents to prove it, you have an excellent opportunity to obtain a claim. The visa is approved.

There are several types of visas that you will need to apply for after you have gone through the EOI process and are “invited” by the government or employer to apply. It is very likely that you will be informed at that time of the type of visa you are applying for and which type is appropriate for the kind of immigration that suits you.

What visa do I need to apply for?

Did you intend to apply for immigration to Australia entirely independently and without any sponsorship from an Australian business owner?

If you have done this and have been invited by a government agency like state, territory, or federal government, you will need to complete the visa subcategory 189. This is for anyone who wants to come and live in Australia permanently, work and live where they want. Your immediate family will also be allowed to immigrate with you.

Are you likely to be nominated for immigration by a particular state or territory government?

If so, after receiving an invitation from that government agency, you will complete the visa subclass 190. If the visa application is successful, you will also be able to live permanently anywhere in Australia and bring in your immediate family. With you.

Do you intend to come and live and work in Australia for only a few years?

If you already have a family in Australia, they can guarantee immigration for up to four years. You will apply for visa subclass 489 once an invitation has been received. The state or territory government may nominate you for the same temporary immigration period. You will only be allowed to work in a specific part of the country where your family lives or where you have been nominated.

Do you want to live and work in Australia for a specific job for a temporary period?

If so, you will need to complete the visa subclass 457. The visa application, if approved, will allow you to work for one employer for a maximum period of four years. During this time, you can travel freely inside and outside the country and take your immediate family with you. It is an excellent visa option if you are not sure that you want to live in Australia permanently.

Are you looking for sponsorship from a specific employer in Australia?

If so, you may need to apply for visa subclass 186 after receiving an invitation from the employer. This will allow you to migrate to Australia permanently and is suitable for those who have gone to Australia with a 457 visa before or have not worked here at all. Still, your skills are exactly what your employer cares about.


Are you ready to live and work in a regional area in Australia?

If you are a skilled worker with required skills away from big cities and the most common places to live, your employer may ask you to immigrate from a specific area. You will then apply for a subclass of visa 187. It is somewhat similar to visa type 186, but the guarantee comes from a place where they lack skilled workers.