Maui is renowned for its breathtaking beauty and diverse attractions. If you’re seeking a unique, fun-filled activity, consider renting bouncy castles in Maui. 

A breathtaking island in Hawaii brims with diverse attractions suitable for everyone, from kids to adults. Among these, the exhilaration of jumping castles stands out. 


Simply put, a jumping castle is a fun-filled inflatable space where you can jump, slide, and play. Whether it’s a lively party, a local event, or a casual day out with loved ones, these bounce houses promise a delightful experience.

Maui Bouncy Castles

Are you searching for the perfect jumping castle in Maui? Well, you’re spoilt for choice. 

There are various designs, from simple bouncers for children to intricate ones with water features, obstacle courses, and interactive games. Some are tailored for kids, some for adults, and others are a mix.

Let’s look into a list of Maui’s top jumping castles and offer advice to ensure a fun and safe experience. 

Let’s bounce into it!

Top Bouncy Castles Providers in Maui

Jumping J’s Party Rentals

Jumping J’s Party Rentals is one of the leading providers of bounce house rentals in Maui. 

They have various inflatables for parties and events, including bounce houses, water slides, dry slides, combos, and interactive games. They also offer tables, chairs, and concessions for rent.

Jumping J’s Party Rentals has served the Makawao area since 2009 and has earned a reputation for quality service and customer satisfaction.

They are fully licensed and insured and follow strict safety standards. They deliver, set up, clean up, and pick up the inflatables for you.


Some of the famous jumping castles that Jumping J’s Party Rentals offers are:

Maui Bouncy Castles

  • House of Fun: This colorful bounce house features a large jumping area, a basketball hoop inside, and a slide outside. It is perfect for kids who love to jump and slide.
  • Magic Jumping Castle: This magical bounce house has a castle theme. It has a spacious bouncing area, a basketball hoop, and a slide outside. It is ideal for kids who want to feel like royalty.
  • Princess Jumping Castle: This lovely bounce house has a princess theme. It has a pink and purple color scheme, a large bouncing area, a basketball hoop inside, and a slide outside. It is perfect for girls who love princesses.

You can check out more jumping castles from Jumping J’s Party Rentals on their website or call them at (808) 205-5694 to make a reservation.

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Keiki Kastles LLC

Keiki Kastles is another excellent choice for bounce house rentals in Maui. They have an extensive collection of inflatables for all kinds of occasions, including bounce houseswater combosdry comboswater slidesobstacle courses, and interactive games

They also offer great machines such as popcorn, hotdog, cotton candy, and shave ice machines.

Keiki Kastles LLC guarantees 100% satisfaction for its customers. They have high-quality inflatables that are clean and sanitized. 

They are also fully licensed and insured and follow strict safety guidelines. They provide free delivery, setup, cleaning, pickup, and standard insurance.

Some of the famous jumping castles that Keiki Kastles LLC offers are:

  • Deluxe Combo Waterslide: This fun combo unit features a bounce house with a basketball hoop inside and a water slide with a splash pool outside. It comes in two colors: red pillar and green pillar. It is excellent for kids who love to splash and slide.
  • Tropical Waterslide Combo: This tropical-themed combo unit features a bounce house with palm trees and tropical animals inside and a water slide with a splash pool outside. It is ideal for kids who want to experience the island vibe.
  • Ultimate Dual Lane Water Slide Combo: This fantastic combo unit features two bounce houses with basketball hoops inside and two water slides with splash pools outside. It is perfect for large groups who want to have double the fun.

You can check out more jumping castles from Keiki Kastles LLC on their website or call them at (808) 276-5506 to book your event.

How to Enjoy Jumping Castles Safely

Jumping castles are fun and exciting, but they also require some precautions and rules to ensure safety and responsibility. Here are some tips on how to enjoy jumping castles safely and responsibly:

  • Follow the instructions of the rental company or the owner of the jumping castle. They will tell you how to use inflatables properly and what to avoid.
  • Wear appropriate clothing and footwear. Avoid wearing loose or sharp objects that may damage the inflatables or cause injuries. Wear socks or bare feet when jumping or sliding.
  • Do not exceed the weight limit or the capacity limit of the jumping castle. Overloading the inflatables may cause them to collapse or malfunction.
  • Do not jump or slide near the edges or the openings of the jumping castle. You may fall out or get stuck.
  • Do not bring food, drinks, or pets inside the jumping castle. They may spill, stain, or damage the inflatables or cause allergies or infections.
  • Supervise children at all times when they are using the jumping castle. Please do not leave them unattended or let them play alone.
  • Have fun and enjoy the jumping castle. But also be respectful and courteous to others who are using it. Share, take turns, and follow the rules.

Wrapping Up

Bouncy castles in Maui promise an unforgettable experience. With various options available, you can find one that fits your needs. Remember to prioritize safety, and you’re all set for a fantastic time in Maui with these inflatable delights!


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