You may have wondered how impossible it could be for anyone to travel without passport and visa in the world, which is one of the prerequisites for anyone who wants to migrate or cross the border of one country to another.

If you are to ask the general populace, 8-9 out of ten people will doubt the feasibility of traveling the world without an international passport; for any sane human being, this sounds and appears most impossible feat because of the importance and significant role international passport play in immigration procedure before anyone could gain access to such country.


However, it is expedient to understand that an international passport and Visa are different; a passport is an official travel document issued by a government that contains a person’s identity and also certifies the owner/holder’s nationality while in another country. 

The Difference Between a Passport and a Visa

Visa, which has its abbreviation from the complete form of “VISITORS INTERNATIONAL STAY ADMISSION,” is a global electronic system used by the government to process immigration documents.

Meanwhile, any individual may travel to some countries without VISA if visiting a visa-free country. No one can travel to another country without a passport except three people in the whole world.

With so much importance and significance of international passports in every individual immigration procedure. Be aware that certain sets of people do not need this important but essential document to travel the four walls of the world. Not just one particular country or continent but the entire world at large.

The Three People Who Can Travel Anywhere Without a Passport

These three People are United Kingdom King Charles IIIJapan’s Emperor Naruhito, and Empress Masako. This explains why they can travel without passports:

King Charles III: The Only British Who Does Not Need a Passport

who can travel without passport in the world
The King | The Royal Family

King Charles III who is the King of the United Kingdom and the only British who could travel anywhere without a passport. Before him was Queen Elizabeth II, but the privilege was automatically transferred to King Charles III after the demise of Queen Elizabeth II being the eldest son. Unlike when he was King of Wales, he no longer needed a passport because they were issued in his name after 70 years. 

The passport was issued in the United Kingdom during the reign of Queen Elizabeth. For King Charles III to travel anywhere, he only needed a document containing the Royal Arms

It read: “His Britannic requires in the name of his Majesty all those it may concern to allow the bearer to pass freely without let or hindrance, and to afford the bearer such assistance and protection as may be necessary.” Other royal family members don’t have the same rights but are only required to obtain diplomatic passports.

Emperor Naruhito and Empress Masako: The Japanese Royals Who Travel With a Ministry Document

who can travel without passport in the world

The other two people in this category who can travel without passport in the world are Emperor Naruhito and Empress Masako of Japan. 


 Emperor Naruhito and Emperess Masako do not need to carry any passport when traveling anywhere. In a ministry document dated May 1971, Japan’s Foreign Ministry decreed, “It would be inappropriate to issue such a passport for the emperor or empress.” However, diplomatic passports have been issued to other members of the imperial family.

Unlike the King of the United Kingdom, who is issued with a document and informed the country he is traveling to beforehand, Emperor Naruhito and Emperess Masako will only produce the Ministry Document on arrival in any country.

Why Queen Camilla Needs a Diplomatic Passport

who can travel without passport in the world
Queen Camilla

Conclusively, Queen Camilla, the wife of King Charles III of the United Kingdom, does not enjoy the same privileges as Empress Masako of Japan. Still, she is required to keep a diplomatic passport.

For many, the world of royals is steeped in tradition and protocol. Among these protocols are the rules regarding travel documentation. Interestingly, while some royals can travel without a standard passport, others, like Her Majesty The Queen Camilla, still require one. But why is that?

The Significance of the Royal Title

The title held by an individual within the monarchy often dictates certain privileges. In the case of King Charles III, being the reigning monarch of the UK grants him the exceptional benefit of traveling without a passport since British passports are issued in his name. It would be redundant for him to carry a document that is fundamentally a request made on his behalf.

Diplomatic Passports

Diplomatic passports are different from regular passports. They are issued to government representatives and their accompanying dependents for official international travel and residence. Holders of diplomatic passports often receive special treatment, such as visa exemptions or simplified entry procedures.

The Role of The Queen 

While Queen Camilla is royalty, her title differs from a reigning monarch’s

She has the privilege of being the name on British passports. She is issued a diplomatic passport to ensure her travels are smooth and she is accorded the necessary courtesies and protection that her status deserves.


Comparison with Other Royal Figures

Other royal family members, such as princes, duchesses, and other titled individuals, are also typically provided with diplomatic passports. This is in line with the treatment of Queen Camilla. It distinguishes between the sovereign role of the reigning monarch and other members of the royal family.


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